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Send a REAL letter from SANTA CLAUS to your children and friends
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They will be delighted to receive a wonderfully written letter signed by Santa himself.  All letters are personalized with the recipient's name and other fun information throughout.
Family, friends, neighbors, children, or adults will be thrilled when a beautifully designed personalized "Santa's Christmas Packet" arrives a week or so before Christmas...just for them.
  • Each household recipient will receive a different letter in their "Santa's Christmas Packet", personalized from Santa.
  • The letters from Santa are always different from year to year.
Still only $6.00 for each "Santa's Christmas Packet"
This Christmas...delight someone...
They will be thrilled with their "Santa's Christmas Packet".  Each packet will contain a Personalized Letter signed by Santa, a 'Flickering' Christmas Tree Bookmark/Ornament, and of course, a bag of whimsical Flying Reindeer Food with Poem...all in a colorful Christmas envelope.
We have been helping Santa send his Santa Letters to thousands and thousands of children for more than 12 years.