The "Santa's Christmas Packet" is
all NEW for 2013 and includes:

Letter From Santa
  • A beautiful letter on Santa's special Christmas paper, personalized with the recipients name throughout (suitable for framing)
  • Santa can also personalize his letter even more...
  • If you wish, Santa can mention the child's best friend's first name, a desired present and even an accomplishment
  • Each letter is hand-signed by Santa
  • All Santa Letters for the same household will be different
  • All Santa Letters from year to year are different
'Blinking' Christmas Tree Bookmark/Tree Ornament
  • FREE 6" by 2" 'flickering' Christmas Tree bookmark that seems to blink when tilted. It will make a memorable keepsake.
  • Santa's Bookmark can also be used as a Christmas Tree ornament
Flying Reindeer Food
  • FREE bag of Santa's special "Flying Reindeer Food" is also included with each letter
  • A delightful poem is included with each bag of reindeer food
  • Be sure to hang the special "Flying Reindeer Food" from your Christmas Tree or sprinkle it in your front yard - either way, Santa's reindeer will surely find your home

Each "Santa Christmas Packet" arrives in Santa's Special Christmas envelope
Each envelope will have Santa's, 'off the record', North Pole return address and a fun North Pole postmark